BestMassage BM-EC161 Full Body Massage Chair Review

When it comes to massage chairs for the home or office, the BestMassage BM-EC161 model is one of the top-rated choices that you could make. This full body, zero gravity shiatsu recliner with 3D massage and heating element costs just around $1100, which makes it a quite affordable option in the realm of massage chairs.

Out of models in this price range and even ones that cost 3 to 5 times more, the BestMassage BM-EC161 chair offers more coverage for different massage features than many other varieties. A full 60% of its surface area massages you when you sit down in it. Add that to the unique body sensor, the extra-long massage tracks and the excellent reviews from buyers, you simply cannot go wrong with this chair.

BestMassage BM-EC161 Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Recliner with 3D Massage Chair
BestMassage BM-EC161 Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Recliner with 3D Massage Chair

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BestMassage BM-EC161 Specifications

This multifunction massage chair is delivered to your house with only the leg rests detached so assembly is extremely simple. The chair itself is approximately 30 inches wide, so it may be difficult to get it through some doorways. It is also quite heavy like most massage chairs.

The BestMassage BM-EC161 massage chair is fashioned in brown faux leather with black accents. It looks very much like any other large reclining armchair you may have in your home.

Health and Wellness Benefits of the BestMassage BM-EC161 Massage Chair

The BestMassage BM-EC161 full body massage chair has all the bells and whistles of more expensive massage chairs at a more affordable price. First, the zero gravity recline helps your body completely relax into its most natural position. The leg rests stretch you gently to extend your limbs and your spine for maximum relaxation.

Once in this comfortable position, multiple rollers that cover a wide swath of the seat back will work their magic on tense muscles and your spine on a unique L-shaped track from your neck down to your lower back and then all the way around the buttocks muscles as well. This pleasant pressure, rolling, kneading and shiatsu-style massage is assisted with a gentle heat to loosen up knots and soothe joints as well.

This chair also features both roller and airbag massage for the calves and feet to help improve circulation and airbag massage for the forearms to complete the entire relaxed and healthy body experience.


  • A full 60% of the surface area massages you for maximum relaxation
  • The unique internal sensor can tell how tall and wide each person is who uses it
  • The L-shaped roller track massages from the neck all the way under the buttocks
  • Fully automatic zero gravity recline


  • Heavy to bring into the house and position where you want it
  • Only comes in dark brown so may not match all decor
BestMassage BM-EC161 Full Body Massage Chair
BestMassage BM-EC161 Full Body Massage Chair

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Customer Reviews and Opinions

When compared to other massage chairs, the BestMassage BM-EC161 model has fewer complaints overall, and those that were not excellent spoke of defective products that broke quickly. The vast majority, over 90% of buyers, were extremely happy with their purchase of this full-body, zero gravity massage chair.

Multiple people mentioned how pleased they were with the automatic programs as well as the ability to customize massage to suit their own personal tastes. People reported relief from stress, a complete “cure” of back pain, improved circulation in the lower legs and much improved joint pain. The fact that the BestMassage BM-EC161 Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Recliner with 3D Massage Chair is quite affordable compared to other models was also appreciated. The Best Massage BM-EC161 customer rating has an overall 4 star average.