Cozzia EC363E Shiatsu Massage Zero Gravity Chair Review

Cozzia has long been a brand to trust when it comes to massage chairs, and their EC363E model does not disappoint even the minority of the pickiest of consumers. This comfortable chair has all the bells and whistles types that cost twice as much do. The Cozzia EC363E massage chair typically retails at under $3100, but what you get for that is exceptional. From the automatic positioning to the full-body heat and nine different unique massage programs, this chair is definitely one to consider if you are in the market for a long-term massage at home.

Cozzia EC363E Shiatsu Massage Chair
Cozzia EC363E Shiatsu Massage Chair

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Cozzia EC363E Massage Chair Specifications

Product dimension57″ x 34.5″ x 45.5″ (72″ reclined)
Weight260 pounds
Timer15-30 min. timer shut-off option
Power Consumption210W Max
Power Supply110V/60Hz

This Cozzia massage chair model is 45.5 inches long, 34.5 inches wide and 57 inches tall when in an upright position. When the EC363E is reclined in the zero gravity position, it is 72 inches long. Like all chairs with this many massage function, it is quite heavy at 260 pounds. The overall appearance of the chair is bulky and plush as well. This is mostly due to a large number of airbags and other massage capabilities it has.

The Cozzia EC363E massage chair comes in black or medium brown manmade leather. The base is black on each and there is a white or gray stripe on the sidewalls. There is a 350-pound weight limit for this chair.

Health and Wellness Benefits of Cozzia EC363E Massage Chair

Sore muscles, aching joints, compressed spine or poor circulation could be things of the past with the Cozzia EC363E massage chair. While these claims may feel fantastic, it has been shown that massage, stretching, heat and vibration can help with all these things. With the many different features of this model of therapeutic massage chair, you get all of that and more.

First, the chair scans you automatically when you sit down and makes adjustments for your height and size. This ensures the best outcome from your massage. There are six preset massage programs, 3 separate programs to target just your lower body or legs, S-track rollers to support your spine perfectly, gentle heat and air pillow massage capabilities. You get all the benefits of a shiatsu massage, the therapy of a bubbling Jacuzzi and deep yet gentle massage all over.

Pros and Cons of the Cozzia EC363E Massage Chair


  • Full body stretch capabilities for spine straightening and relaxation
  • Automatic foot extension
  • Wireless remote control capability for full control while relaxing
  • Lower back heat option to soothe muscles
  • Ergonomic head rest


  • Quite heavy and bulky may make it difficult to fit in your home
  • So many features make the control panel confusing for some
Cozzia EC363E Zero Gravity Massage Chair
Cozzia EC363E Zero Gravity Massage Chair

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Customer Reviews and Opinions

The majority of customer reviews for the Cozzia EC363E massage chair are positive. They cite the therapeutic benefits that users obtain by using the chair. In fact, the only negative review for this massage chair did not cite anything specifically wrong with the functionality or quality of the chair. The sole negative review criticized the massage chair for its complexity of massaging options, stating “it has so many buttons,” as well as there being a lack of velcro on the back of the headrest to attach it more firmly to the chair’s back.

Reviewers of the Cozzia EC363E massage chair made mention of the sturdiness and robust characteristics of the massage chair, but did not offer much insight regarding the weight, maneuverability and assembly process of the chair. There was one reviewer that referred to the assembly process as “cumbersome” and the chair “heavy as a baby elephant,” further stating it is “worth it in the end.”

Some reviewers made mention of the Cozzia EC363E massage chair’s three massaging styles, which include jacuzzi-mode, Shiatsu-mode and heat therapy mode; indicating that the variety of massaging styles make the chair versatile and beneficial for individuals suffering from a wide variety of medical or physical conditions. One reviewer in particular, a female suffering from fybromyalgia, equated the quality of the Cozzia EC363E massage chair’s massaging action to having an in-house masseuse. Other reviewers added that the massaging action for this massage chair was so precise that it either eliminated or reduced the frequency required for outside massage therapy. The highest praise for the massage chair came from users that identified themselves as having pre-exisitng medical conditions.

Comments from a broader segment of the reviewers praised the ability for the massage chair’s rollers to really isolate and firmly massage the lower back and buttocks. Another reviewer suggested to those using the chair’s automatic body scanner feature to do so only after they had developed a comfortable seating position in the chair. She stated that otherwise, the massaging action received from the chair following the body scan would not be as precise.

Another feature of the Cozzia EC363E massage chair that was singled out for specific praise by reviewers was its “auto-lift” feature. This was described as being extremely beneficial for the elderly and the physically disabled, in that it gently lifts the chair at an angle to help in standing up from the chair. One reviewer made mention of the fact that the auto-lifter feature was not predominantly advertised and that it came as a pleasant surprise to him.

There were no other features of this massage chair that received a consensus of praise or complaint on the part of the reviewers. The Cozzia EC363E customer rating has an overall 4.3 star average.