Fujita KN9003 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Review

If you already spent hours of hunting for the absolute best massage chair on the market, I’m sure you came across Fujita brand already. They have been in the industry for quite some time and when we think that things can’t get better, they present a new model with even more advanced features than ever before. Based on reviews throughout the internet, Fujita stands for quality, advanced innovations and friendly customer support.

Fujita KN9003 isn’t sold any more. However, there are plenty of new massage chairs on the market. You can find them in our reviews section!

The KN9003 is a massage chair produced by Fujita company. It comes in 4 different color designs to choose from, so there’s no doubt you could find one of them fitting nicely into your relaxing room. Its predecessor is a quite successful KN7005R model which has raised the bar very high. But what makes the newest model even better? It’s the foot roller massager.

Fujita KN9003 Massage Chair
Fujita KN9003 Massage Chair

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Fujita KN9003 Features

Product dimensionUpright: 36″ x 47″ x 59″
Full recline: 36″ x 28″ x 70″
Weight240 Lbs
Power Consumption150W
Power Supply110V/60Hz, 220V/50Hz, 240V/50Hz

Foot Roller Massager

It has a completely new redeveloped foot roller massager. It soothes sore and tired feet and improves blood circulation, making you ready for another day or week on your feet. If you work is stressful on your feet like nursing, you will consider it as a gift from god himself.

Male and Female Massage Programs

The KN9003 offers 8 different automatic massage programs to choose from for different needs. Now it also has male and female programs that allow different power strengths through all programs. Many companies like to complicate things for us, but KN9003 is one of the most easy-to-operate-with zero gravity chairs on the market.

Infrared Body Scan Technology

Some lower-end massage chairs take time to adjust to a certain type of body. You have to manually adjust all the settings to get into a perfect position for optimal massage experience. But not with KN 9003 however. It has a new infrared body scan feature that automatically recognizes different types of bodies, measures spine length, so it knows exactly which places to focus on and which ones to avoid. This is a highly advanced feature that only a handful of top products have to offer.

Acupoints technology

Human body has more than 300 acupoints with almost 100 of them in back and neck. Fujita has a variety of technologies to address them all, from soft and relaxing Swedish massage and all the way up to intense Shiatsu massage. Invigorating energy is a guaranteed result!

Where to buy and what’s the price?

KN9003 offers a wide range of features and it’s price sounds appropriate. It is also possible to buy it online, so you can have it delivered right in front of your doorstep.


It comes in a very attractive design (4 colors to choose from) and highly advanced features. The infrared body scan technology, full air head massage, Thai body stretching massage, a redesigned foot massager, and quite competitive price for a top-end product.


It doesn’t have MP3 player or speakers like some other models in same price range.

Fujita KN9003 Zero Gravity Massage Chair
Fujita KN9003 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

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If you want to have a nice massage chair that will give you a relaxation after a long day of work, the Fujita KN9003 might be something worth taking into a consideration. Although its price is in the middle price range , it managed to get on top of our list of recommendations. Sure it doesn’t have an MP3 player or speakers, but most average stereo systems at home are easier to use and just as good.

Do you already have Fujita KN9003? Let us know what you think about it in comment section at the bottom of this page!