Best Full Body Massage Chair Reviews & Buying Guide / 2020

Full Body Massage Chair: Of course you know how beneficial a massage can be for your physical, mental and emotional well-being. From reducing back pain to building immunity, from strengthening muscles and joints to alleviating stress, depression and anxiety, massage is good for all this, and more. It’s also known to be useful in treating migraine pain, cramps and post-surgery inflammation. And if you’re looking for a safe and healthy way to keep yourself fit during pregnancy, a good massage is all you need – it makes labor pain easier and shorter, and also helps reduce stretch marks. You can use it to improve your blood and oxygen circulation too. Unfortunately, going to a massage parlor regularly or even frequently may not be practical or feasible. And there’s of course the cost implication to be considered. That’s where a full body massage chair comes in.

What To Look When Buying A Full Body Massage Chair

Whether you’re willing to spend thousands of dollars or not will matter very little. There are some qualities, which must be present or your money will not be well spent. With this in mind, you should pay close attention to chair’s weight limit, durability and cushioning. Those high-tech massagers not will make a difference, if these three features are not topnotch. Below you’ll find a breakdown of the most important factors to explore, when buying a massage chair.


Price will always be a factor, regardless of your budget. Of course, you should know that price could be somewhat deceiving. With this in mind, you should attempt to focus on the other factors more intently, while putting this figure on the back burner. Just formulate a reliable budget, before moving forward, and you should be fine in this category.

Size And Weight

Not everyone is working with unlimited space and this can make the selection process even more difficult. With this in mind, you should definitely pull out the tape measurer. Whether placing the chair in your living room or office, you should guarantee that it’d fit, without a struggle. Take precise measurements, so you do not end up having to rearrange your belongings in the future. Also, make sure that you’ll be able to move the chair around, without too much of a struggle.


Whether you’re looking for a chair for a few thousand dollars or one under $1000, you should make sure that it is going to be durable. If the chair is wobbly, you’ll never be able to relax in it, regardless of those mini-massagers. Better durability and stability will help to ensure that your money has been spent wisely and that the chair will last you for a longer period of time.

Remote Control

If you want the most convenient experience possible, you should attempt to choose a massage chair, which comes with a handy remote control. This will give you the ability to make adjustments to the settings, without moving an inch. Although this isn’t a deal breaker, the remote can be undeniably handy.

Massage Capabilities

Now, you should realize that the purpose of the massage chair is to provide you with a relaxing massage. Therefore, you should put a good amount of importance into the chair’s massage capabilities. Although a more complex setup might be more costly, it could provide you with a full body massage and this is recommended. In this category, you should remember that you get what you pay for.

Battery Or Cord

Also, you should figure out precisely how the chair receives its power. Does it utilize a power cord or batteries? Both options can be beneficial, but you will need to find the one that best suits your needs. The cord can be more restricting, but it also helps you avoid needing to recharge or replace batteries in the future.


Warranty may be more important than anything else. Although these chairs are built with longevity in mind, plenty of problems could occur. With this in mind, a lengthier warranty is always better. Paying a bit extra for additional peace of mind is highly recommended!

Best Full Body Massage Chair Reviews

1. BestMassage Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Review

BestMassage Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner
BestMassage Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner

This massage chair from BestMassage is designed to deliver the best of shiatsu massage benefits in the comfort of your home. The fully automatic Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner provides a powerful massage with power rollers, designed to rejuvenate and refresh your mind and body.


  • Comes with a heat intelligent roller system that’s packed with more than 30 air bags
    Special neck massage facility, with massage heads designed to reach out to the stress relieving points on your neck
  • Extremely efficient heat stretched foot rest, to deliver excellent massage to your feet
  • Equipped with compression and percussion features designed to enhance the mobility, posture and flexibility of your legs
  • Unique design to provide ultra long range massage; it helps massage the whole body, from the neck down your tail bone (relieving tension in the lower back)
  • Has multiple programs – for recovery, extension, relaxation and refreshment, with multiple intensity channels you can use to shift between weak and strong massage
  • Control panel is easy to use and operate
  • High power vibration motor provides perfect air pressure massage along the whole body


  • Material quality not good and doesn’t last too long
  • Requires some effort for assembly
  • Calf muscle air bags are not spacious enough for large calves
  • Arm rests are uncomfortably fixed along the outside of the chair
  • Foot rest doesn’t have rollers at the bottom
  • Not suitable for tall people

With the Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner, getting your body well massaged is as good as, or even better than getting a massage from an expert masseur. Its fully automatic feature enables easy reclining and elevation of the backrest and the footrest.

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2. Best Valued Full Body Zero Gravity Luxury Massage Chair Review – Ideal Massage

Best Valued Full Body Zero Gravity Luxury Massage Chair
Best Valued Full Body Zero Gravity Luxury Massage Chair

This new full-featured Shiatsu Massage chair is luxury equipment with built-in heating system and the remarkable zero gravity feature. The automatic Special!!!! Best Valued Massage Chair operates with a single touch to deliver four auto programs designed for four different massage functions.


  • Suitable for shiatsu, kneading, spinal rolling and vibrating massage, with 4 auto programs to choose from (combination facility also provided)
  • Equipped with 4-wheel muted massage hands that work noiselessly and vertically on a S-track rolling system
  • Ergonomic design with 3-dimensional intelligent detect facility
  • Has timer that can be set between 5 and 30 minutes for uninterrupted full body massage as per your need
  • Manual mode also provided to enable easy adjustment of the back rollers at suitable point in the body
  • Intensity, speed and air bag pressure can be adjusted with one-touch mechanism
  • Heat therapy built into the back of the chair for excellent massage impact
  • Efficient for feet massage, thanks to 6 simulating kneading balls for massaging the foot sole


  • Recline function comes preset, so you don’t have independent control of leg lift
  • Doesn’t offer full recline; so can’t be used to lie down flat
  • Air bags have a kind of shelf space between the filling, where your arm can slip off
  • Head rest needs extra pillow for comfort
  • Somewhat noisy in its functioning

So now you can easily optimize and customize your body massage as per your needs, with the Special!!!! Best Valued Massage Chair, which can be smoothly tilted back to zero gravity position. It’s really great value for money at the price it comes for.

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3. Panasonic EP-MA10KU Urban Collection Full Body Massage Chair Review

Panasonic EP-MA10KU Urban Collection Full Body Massage Chair
Panasonic EP-MA10KU Urban Collection Full Body Massage Chair

The brand excellence of Panasonic is manifest in every part of this chair, which perfectly simulates the ancient Chinese spinal massage technique to relax your body. Its combination of massage rollers and airbags on the leg portion ensures great massage of this part of your body, while its automatic system is perfect for alleviating pain in the neck and shoulders.


  • Swedish, lower back, neck shoulder massage, along with 5 manual operations for neck shiatsu, kneading, neck knead, roll and tapping
  • Power reclining that can shift your body to an almost flat 170 degree position
  • 7-color remote control is well illuminated to facilitate easy operation
  • Has 12 air bags to massage your feet and legs
  • Equipped with auto height adjustment feature for customized adjustment


  • Leg massage function is not good; tends to be painful and uncomfortable
  • Shoulder and neck massage is not as strong as some other chairs
  • Lacks memory feature, so you need to recalibrate the massage heads before every use

This attractive looking chair, made of 100% faux leather, is compact enough to fit into a small home. It’s solid and durable, and designed for efficient functioning. Built on the Chinese massage concept, it’s a wonderful blend of the traditional and the modern, and thus provides the best of both worlds.

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4. Titan Ti-7700R Full Body Massage Chair Review

Titan TI 7700R Zero Gravity Massage Chair
Titan TI 7700R Zero Gravity Massage Chair

The Titan Ti-7700 Full Body Massage Chair also makes it to the list of the best massage chairs for 2019. The chair is made of durable materials that allow it to withstand the challenges posed by continuous use. It is offered for sale with dimensions of 43x30x38 inches and weighs about 270 pounds. Although the product is not that compact, its unique design enables it to occupy lesser amount of space.

Just like the other models in the class, the Ti-7700R features the L-track roller system which is responsible for providing a more effective massaging mechanism. In addition to that, the chair boasts of its improved spinal decompression and the capability to reduce the spine muscles’ tension.

Therefore, the massage procedures performed by the chair becomes more effective in making the user feel more relieved.

Another special feature that the Ti-7700R has is the capability to provide the lumbar, neck and back area with the needed support during the massage procedure. It is also equipped with the technology to perform hip and seat vibration, arm massage, outer shoulder massage and foot and calf massage.

Finally, navigating the seat’s features is not an issue since it can be done using a user-friendly remote controller.


  • Features a space-saving design
  • Made of durable materials
  • Looks classy and easily blends with the appearance of the area where it is placed
  • Equipped with the L-track roller system
  • Decompresses and reduces the tension of the spine muscles
  • Has a hip and seat vibration function
  • Can perform the needed massage from the neck all the way to the foot and calves
  • Can be used with a user-friendly remote control


  • Requires the use of lithium metal batteries
  • Not available for shipping in some countries
  • Does not offer a massage function for the head
  • Not backed by a warranty

Many consumers consider the Titan Ti-7700R Full Body Massage Chair as a good buy due to its space-saving design. Aside from that, the product also massages the vital parts of the body starting from the neck all the way to foot. It is sold along with an intuitive remote that allows the user to conveniently access its functions.

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You can take your pick from the massage chairs reviewed here to suit your personal needs.

The BestMassage Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner comes with a host of extraordinary features to give you that perfect massage experience which only an expert masseur can deliver.

If you want something affordable but designed for customized massage comfort, go for the
Special!!!! Best Valued Massage Chair From Ideal Massage.

The Panasonic EP-MA10KU Urban Collection Full Body Massage Chair is a good choice if you’re looking for the best of automatic and manual massage benefits combined in one chair.