BestMassage EC01 Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Review

There are many massage chairs in the market right now. There are also hundreds of reviews that you can find online, but these reviews lack in the technical aspects of the chair itself, which is very significant to every buyer.

And almost all of the reviews have the same theme, and that is to provide information on how the chair can improve health and wellbeing. One chair can be deemed the best because of the number of air bags or the programs installed in it or the different mode choices and even the type of features.

However, gauging the best massage chair is not just the specifications or the health benefits or even the comfort, it is actually the overall performance of the chair combining all these advantages. If you will be dealing with just the specifications, you will deem a lot of number 1 chairs in the market because of the advancements in the technology already.

BestMassage EC01 Features

Weight300 lbs
Product Dimensions47.2″ x 33.1″ x 50″
User Weight Capacity250 lbs
BestMassage Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner EC01
BestMassage Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner EC01

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The Health Benefits

We will start off with the benefits of the chair when it comes to health and wellbeing. The best ones effectively provide the best health benefits. Let us look at the major health benefits of the Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Soft 3D Hand Massage EC01.

Relief over Pain

When you think about massage, the effect should be releasing the tension in the muscles, making it an effective pain reliever. This should be the utmost effect of a massage chair. If the chair causes more tension than relaxation which is actually common to some brands then it is not deemed to be healthy to use. Massage chairs are recommended for people who are extremely fatigued, and needs to de-stress a bit. Spending time on your massage chair should be a relaxing time.

Relief in Stress

Since the back and the feet are the most stressed parts of the body, the feeling of the air or rollers on your back is enough actually to already relieve your stress at all costs. A massage can also detoxify the body because of the fact that it can increase proper circulation all over the body. Tension and stress can lead to severe recurrent headaches, the chair should provide head massages as well.

Muscle Relaxation

Tensed muscles are always debilitating and stressful. Sleep is not the only option, and sometimes does not do any good in these types of tensions. The only solution sometimes is a proper massage. The massaging motions will increase a consistent blood flow into the muscles, in turn releasing and supplying more oxygen into the area, more oxygen will always be equivalent to healing and relaxation. This is how the massage chair removes tension from the muscles.

Spine Alignment and overall Posture

Bad posture is equivalent to misalignment of the spine itself. The automatic recline position provides adequate support on the spine during a massage session. In turn it keeps the nerves from being subjected to too much pressure. This way the spine lengthens and is kept in a natural alignment as well. When the spine is aligned all the time, you can also see that the posture of the person improves as well. Bad posture results in misaligned spine, if you want a better posture get yourself a great massage chair.

Improved Blood Circulation and Blood Flow

Because of the massaging motion of the air bags, the blood flow will increase in the most tensed area of the body. Blood flow increase aid in faster healing and more relaxation as well. You can choose several modes, such as Swedish massage according to your liking. Swedish massage is perfect for increasing blood circulation.

Improved Immunity

Studies have proven that massage can significantly increase the efficiency of the immune function. It will improve the immune system, and it can go a long way. The reason behind this is because of the constant lymphatic drain during a massage session. The drain can remove toxins in the body that normally impair the immune system. This is one way of detoxifying the body.

Better Sleep

Sleep holds a huge factor when it comes to making sure that your body is relieved of stress and the unwanted tension. Some people are so stressed out that they lack the ability to sleep well, no matter how they do it. This causes a domino effect, since not sleeping well can add more stress. Massage can go a long way when you want that much needed restful sleep. The emphasis is in the restful sleep, meaning the rest is an REM sleep. This rapid eye movement kind of sleep is a deep sleep that ensures resting and recharging of your whole body.

Regulated Blood Pressure

When you are stressed out, your blood pressure normally increases. When you have underlying cause of high blood pressure, massage in the right way can relieve it. But be careful about this, it has always been recommended that if a person have relatively very high blood pressure, he or she should lower it down first or wait until it goes down before getting into the massage chair.

BestMassage EC01 Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair
BestMassage EC01 Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

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It is not a farfetched idea that massage can do magic when it comes to health and wellness. The above statements are not for commercial or marketing purpose, it is a fact, and it has been studied as well. It can be seen in many literatures, and it has deemed to be real and true.

It is not just a great idea, but it has always been almost a requirement for anyone who would want to be stress free and healthy to have their own massage chair at home. Aside from its health and wellness benefits, it also has distinct advantages when it comes to comparing it with a massage therapist. One advantage would be the availability of the massage without you coping up with the schedule of your therapist. And the fact that massage chairs have different modes so you can select any mode you like according to your liking.