How to Choose a Reclining Lift Chair?

People who experience lower body pain or lack muscle strength may find it difficult to get up and out of a standard chair. A reclining lift chair is believed to be an ideal choice for such people with mobility issues.

It not only makes it very easy to get up from the chair, but is also considered a very beneficial mobility aid.

However, there are quite a few options out there when it comes to reclining lift chairs, and not all of them are the same. Hence, it makes sense to do some research about how to choose the right reclining lift chair based on your needs.

With that being said, let us take a look at some of the most important factors you need to consider while going for a reclining lift chair.

The type of lift chair

Lift chairs come in three different types, and each one of them varies quite a bit in terms of features and comfort. Let us go through them and find out what they bring to the table.

Two-position lift chair

As the name suggests, this lift chair can get into just two positions. However, the lifting function it comes with is pretty much similar to some of the more advanced types of lift chairs out there.

The backrest doesn’t recline much, and though the footrest flips up as the backrest reclines, it doesn’t operate independently.

However, a two-position lift chair also tends to cost significantly less than the other more advanced ones and takes up considerably less space.

Three-position lift chair

Three-position lift chair is basically just one level up from the two-position one, as it can get into an almost flat position that allows you to use it for napping and relaxing. However, just like the two-position chair, the footrest doesn’t move independently.

Three-position lift chairs are still quite popular, though, as they are very comfortable and manage to meet all the needs of most people.

Infinite position lift chair

You get all the bells and whistles with an infinite position life chair, including the option to get heat and massage. And of course, it also offers a full sleeping position, as well as gets into any position you want it to. The footrest can move on its own too.

You need to pay big bucks for it, though, and it tend to take up more space.

Height and weight

You also need to consider your height and weight and make sure that the lift chair you’re looking to go for supports them well.

While most lift chairs can support over 300 pounds, some others that come with multiple motors can support even more.

Similarly, if you’re taller, you would want to go for a lift chair that’s capable of lifting high enough to allow you to get out of it safely and without pain.


This is another important factor, though it’s also a little subjective. Depending on what you really find comfortable to sit on, cotton and microfibers may be the right choice when it comes to the fabric.

It’s also important to consider other factors such as whether the fabric is stain-resistant, soft, durable, and “breathable”. Find out more about choosing a fabric in this article.