Inada Flex 3s Full Body Massage Chair Review

The popular Inada brand offers this HCP-S373 (B) Flex 3s massage chair at a retail price around $4000. When you first look at the chair, it appears to be a plush modern arm chair in synthetic black leather with a comfortable seat and large leg rests. Although it is large, it would fit nicely into many rooms of the house. Once you sit down and activate one of the many massage features, you will understand why the high price tag just may be justified.

Compared to other massage chairs in this price range, the Inada Flex 3s model also features anti-bacterial fabric, full body air massage and a special shoulder and a collarbone focus feature to relieve stress better than ever before.

Inada flex 3s Massage Chair Specifications

 This large massage chair from Inada is 50 inches long, 41 inches tall and 33.5 inches wide. It weighs only 200 pounds so it is a bit more maneuverable than other chairs on the market that may weigh 300+ pounds instead. There are also wheels on the back of the base so it can be tipped, balanced and rolled into position more easily.

The Inada Flex 3s massage chair is fashioned from black or dark brown manmade leather that is both dirt resistant and anti-bacterial. Although easy to clean with a damp cloth, these extra treatments make it more comfortable for everyone in the family to use.

INADA HCP-S373 (B) Flex 3s Massage Chair
INADA HCP-S373 (B) Flex 3s Massage Chair

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Health and Wellness Benefits of Inada HCP-S373 (B) Flex 3s Massage Chair

Improve flexibility, mobility and energy by using the Inada HCP-S373 (B) Flex 3s massage chair every day. It boasts a natural S-curve roller system in the back to conform to your spine and offer the most soothing massage while stretching you gently and improving posture.

There are four different pre-set programs: Full Body, Stretch All, Lower Body and combined Full Body and Stretch. You can also create your own personalized stretch and massage experience with or without heat and compression of the limbs.

The main focus of the Inada Flex 3s chair seems to be improved posture while relaxing. Since a straight spine and strong core are vital for a pain and strain free body, the benefits extend far beyond the back when you use this chair.


  • Shoulder focus element helps relieve stress better
  • Heat function for fingers and toes
  • Feet above heart zero gravity positioning


  • Large size may make getting it in your home a challenge
Inada Flex 3s Massage Chair
Inada Flex 3s Massage Chair

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Customer Reviews and Opinions

Most customers who are users of the Inada Flex 3s massage chair are impressed with all the massage functions it offered. One purchaser compared the HCP-S373 to other massage chairs she purchased in the past and found its therapeutic elements to be the most customizable and comfortable for her needs. She states that it helped her posture and relaxation when she used the full body stretch capability and relieved the aches and pains she lived with for quite a while.

Other people who purchased the Inada HCP-S373 flex chair really liked the lower body focus program and how customizable all the features were for the individual. The Inada HCP-S373 customer rating has an overall 5 star average.