Inada Yu Me Zero Gravity Massage Chair Review

The unique massage features of Inada’s Yu Me rocking chair model push it to the forefront of the marketplace for many users. It retails at around $5500, putting it in the middle of the upper range of the massage chair industry. With the multiple massage elements, LED light therapy option and the fact that the YuMe is a rocking chair as well as offering a zero-gravity position, the price just may be warranted for consumers who are looking for a unique massage experience.

Inada Yu Me Massage Chair Specifications

Inada Yu Me Massage Chair
Inada Yu Me Massage Chair

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The Inada YuMe rocking massage chair is 48 inches long, 43 inches tall and 29 inches wide. It weighs approximately 180 pounds. This makes it slightly easier to get into the house and move into the desired position than other massage chair types that may weigh 250 pounds or more.

This Yu Me massage chair comes in smooth leather with black fabric and brushed metal trim and base. The available colors include pure black, ivory white, warm brown and vibrant red. It lacks the plush bulk of many other massage chairs so it can look more attractive in a living room or office décor scheme. Inada offers a three-year warranty for residential customers.

Health and Wellness Benefits of Inada Yu Me Massage Chair

A fully customized experience begins with a high-tech body scan and automatic adjustments of the included massage programs. The Inada YuMe massage chair also features special thera-elliptical kneading to improve circulation and block cramps in the legs and feet.

The therapeutic neck stretch pillow not only soothes away stress but also help prevent headaches by aligning your cervical vertebrae correctly. The spine stretch feature continues all the way down to your tailbone with alignment capabilities. The YuMe chair also offers true shiatsu massage targeting. The rotary rocking mechanism keeps the Yu Me chair rocking soothingly while the colored LED lights create a relaxing ambience in a darker room.


  • Rocking chair and massage chair combined for total relaxation
  • Attractive design helps it fit into any home decorating style
  • Unique thera-elliptical and rotary rocker massage technologies for better results
  • Kinetic LED color therapy lights contribute to serenity



  • Relatively high cost may be the only negative for some consumers

Customer Reviews and Opinions

 It was impossible to find any complaints about the Inada YuMe rocking massage chair online. Overall, people were exceptionally happy with all of the rocking, massage and light therapy features. They felt that the combination of all three elements delivered a relaxation and rejuvenation experience second to none.

One customer cancelled his long-standing appointment with his massage therapist. Another reported that it worked excellently for nearly two years and was still going strong. The Inada Yu Me customer rating has an overall 5 star average.

Inada YuMe Massage Chair
Inada YuMe Massage Chair

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Inada Yu Me vs Fujita SMK92 4D Massage Chair


  • Easy to use remote
  • Zero gravity
  • Body scan technology
  • Airbag technology


Inada Yu Me

  • Thera-eliptical-kneading (TEK) massages your calves by providing compression and rotation
  • Rotary rocker technology (RRT) accelerates and decelerates chair velocity
  • Body scanning technology measures body & personalizes massage session
  • Color kinetic LEDs aid in visual relaxation
  • Proprietary pillow provides kneading, shiatsu-style acupressure massage, gentle rotational movements, and gentle neck traction
  • Rocking & massage chair combined
  • 3 year warranty
  • black, ivory white, warm brown and vibrant red
  • 48 inches long, 43 inches tall and 29 inches wide. It weighs approximately 180 pounds

Fujita SMK92

  • The world’s first 4D massage chair.
  • Advanced Real body sensing technology.
  • 9 Auto massage courses
  • 35 manual massage techniques.
  • 6 massage methods: Knead, Knead & Tap, Tap, Shiatsu, Rub and Roller.
  • Air massage strength: 3 levels
  • User memory [stores 2 profiles]
  • Leg stretch
  • Black/tan
  • Heat on feet
  • 31 inches wide, 52 inches long and 49 inches high when upright and extends to 76 inches long when fully reclined in the zero gravity position
  • Foot rest extender for adjustable height


Inada Yu Me

Fujita SMK92

Zero Gravity

Body scan technology

User Memory [2 profiles]

Heat therapy on feet

Airbag technology

9 Auto massage courses

Rocking & Massage chair combined

World’s first 4D massage chair

Color kinetic LEDs aid in visual relaxation

Thera-eliptical-kneading (TEK) massages your calves by providing compression and rotation

3 year warranty

Proprietary pillow provides kneading, shiatsu, rotational & gentle neck traction


Black, brown, ivory white, red


Inada Yu Me
Inada Yu Me

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Both zero gravity massage boast of excellent features & 5 star consumer ratings, making either chair a wonderful investment in luxury self-care. While the Fujita SMK92 is slightly more affordable, and has 9 auto massage courses, 25 manual massage techniques, 6 massage methods, user memory and heat therapy, I believe the Inada’s 3 year warranty, TEK, RRT, color kinetic LED’s, rocking feature, proprietary pillow & attractive design tip the scales in Inada’s favor.