Most Comfortable Office Chair [Reviews & Expert Guide] 2020

It is undeniable that shopping for any major product such as a good office chair can be a bit of a hustle. This is so, because you have to pay attention to tiny details and small features just to make a decent buy. Finding the most comfortable office chair in a market that is flooded with thousands of options can therefore be quite nerve-racking. This situation is made worse by the presence of hundreds, or even thousands of low quality and unreliable chairs.

Many factors dictate the choices we make when we shop for a good office chair. These may include the price of the chair, its size or weight, its color, and other in-built accessories or features such as height adjusters and reclining functions.

Top 3 Best Comfortable Office Chairs In The Market:

The following is a list of the most comfortable office chairs based on firsthand experience and feedback gathered from various customers.

  • The Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair
  • The High Back Executive PU Leather Ergonomic Office Chair O10.
  • The Lorell Executive High-Back Chair, Mesh Fabric.

Top 3 Most Comfortable Office Chairs

The most comfortable office chair has to include a lot, if not all of the standard features present in average office chairs. It must also come with many other unique features and functions in its design. As an unwritten rule, a good office chair must also be durable, strong, and easy on the eye. None of these extra features or qualities should cost you a fortune.

The following is a review of the 3 best comfortable office chairs that you should buy. This information is based on feedback and ratings gathered from customers around the world.

1. Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair Review

The Boss Black Executive chair affords the user a lot of comfort, and the kind of prestige and presence that comes with being the boss. This chair occupies its space with the kind of authority and flair that is only present in a few of the most expensive executive chairs in the market today.

The Boss Black LeatherPlus has been designed with a wide and high black leather backrest for added comfort. This backrest gently supports the user’s back from top to bottom with a soft and almost spiritual touch that is unmatched even by some high-end beds.

As a personal rule for customer satisfaction, the manufacturer has included an ergonomically tapered waterfall design at the edge of the seat. This curve reduces any chances of leg fatigue even after prolonged use. The waterfall design allows free blood flow to the legs in order to keep the feet feeling fresh and the heart beating at a normal pace. In a way, this feature allows you to rest even while you are working.

The Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair also has the features that some of the office chairs in its class come with. These include:

  • A pneumatic height adjuster
  • A reclining function
  • A pair of ergonomically designed armrests
  • A recline-tension adjuster to control how firmly or softly the backrest leans back.

The Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair has been reviewed by customers more than 1,000 times on alone, with more than 70% of the customers giving it an excellent review. At the time of writing this, the Boss Black LeatherPlus chair has received an average star rating of 3.8 out of 5.0 on Amazon. The five-star ratings make up almost half of the total reviews.

This comfortable office chair is available on for a lot less than you would expect. Based on the features, general appeal and durability of the Boss Black Executive Chair, I can comfortably say that this is a superb buy and it’s worth more than what it is currently being sold for. The best part about this is that, with just the click of a button you can have the perfect seat delivered to your doorstep in as little as two days.

2. High Back Executive Ergonomic Office Chair Review

In a number of ways, the High Back Executive Ergonomic Office Chair is similar to the Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair. This comfortable chair has borrowed and carefully altered the classy and well-designed look of the Boss Executive chair and made it its own style.

The most notable difference that this chair has with the previous one is a softer and baggier look and feel. While the padding on the Boss Executive is somewhat firm and bouncy, the High Back Executive Office Chair has a loose and almost flowing feel to its surface. This alteration also makes this an even more comfortable office chair.

The chair’s backrest is 20 inches wide and 28 inches high. The extended backrest is to provide complete support for the entire back, starting from the small of the back to the neck. The seat has a maximum adjustable height of 23 inches while the lowest it can be adjusted to is 19 inches.

Unlike the Boss Executive office chair, the High Back Executive Ergonomic Office Chair comes with an option of three colors for its upholstery. These are black, white, and brown.

The High Back Executive Ergonomic Chair has been built with components that are slightly heavier than those of the Boss Executive office chair are. The high back weighs about 18.6 pounds more than the Boss Executive chair. The choice of dense materials for the High Back Executive means that it is designed to bear a much heavier load than its counterpart is.

The performance of the High Back Executive Ergonomic Office Chair according to the customers, says a lot about its general performance. At the time of writing this, the High Back Executive Ergonomic Chair has been reviewed by customers from all over the world more than 700 times on alone. This comfortable office chair has an average customer star rating of 4.1 out of 5.0 stars. The five-star ratings make up close to 60% of the total while the four-star ratings on the same website make up 20% of the total ratings.

The design and feel of this chair show that it has been lowly priced. If we were to make a decision based on the online reviews, even without looking at the chair itself, it would be undeniable that this is an excellent buy at an amazing price.

3. Lorell Executive High-Back Chair Review

This chair is a beautiful blend of modern sophistication and a futuristic or sci-fi-like appeal. This chair bears a lean and light feel and appearance, making it perfectly suited for anyone with a need to impress, but with little space to work with. More than 90% of the high backrest of the Lorell Executive Chair is made out of a tough mesh fabric. This is one of the features that make this chair very different from the others mentioned above, and undoubtedly a very comfortable office chair.

The Lorell Executive High-Back Chair features a pair of armrests that are adjustable in almost every direction. This chair’s padded armrests have been designed to allow them to slide outwards, for when the user needs more space, and upwards, to accommodate a taller user. You do not see this kind of feature in many office chairs that look as beautiful as the Lorell High-Back does.

Another unique feature of this office chair is in how the seat and the backrest have been designed to recline or lean. Each one of these parts can be adjusted independent of the other. When the backrest is adjusted to lean backwards, the seat stays put and vice versa.

The lean design and the use of limited materials on this chair make it easy to clean the chair, because there is not much surface to clean to begin with. The choice of materials for the chair’s upholstery also makes it quite easy to clean since it is resistant to normal stains.

As expected, this seat has lived up to its look. At the time of writing this, the Lorell Executive High-Back Chair has been rated and reviewed close to 700 times on The positive reviews for this item make up more than 80% of the total customer reviews on the website. The Lorell Executive High-Back Chair received an average of 4.2 star rating out of 5.0.

The feedback from the users of this chair says everything one needs to know before buying this chair. So if you are looking for the perfect and most comfortable office chair in the market and do not want to spend weeks digging through endless tons of confusing catalogues, then this would be an excellent fit for you. Simply visit the retailer online and place your order and all your dreams will come true in a day or two.

Your Buying Guide To Choose The Most Comfortable Office Chair

All office chairs are designed to fulfill specific requirements for different people. Some office chairs have been designed for use in small spaces while other bulkier ones can only be used in large or open places. Some chairs are also designed for people with various health concerns, such as chronic back or neck pains. Therefore, if you have a special condition, ensure beforehand, that the office chair you are looking at will help improve your condition.

Find out exactly why you need the office chair, and whether you have any unique requirements that may influence your decision when shopping for most comfortable office chair .

1. Height Adjustability

An adjustable height function is a basic and one of the most important factors to consider when choosing an comfortable office chair. Most comfortable office chair must come in an adjustable height in order to allow the user to either raise or lower the seat to a comfortable level. Most office desks or tables come with fixed heights; an adjustable chair therefore, compensates for this by allowing the user to match the desk’s height with that of the seat.

Height adjustability goes a long way in eliminating leg and neck fatigue. Height adjustment functions allow the user to bring the seat to a height that allows him or her to place their feet firmly and flat on the ground. The ergonomic waterfall design works together with the height adjustability to allow free blood flow to the feet and the rest of the body. They accomplish this by minimizing any possibilities of unnecessary pressure on the major blood vessels.

2. Chairs with Backrests and Headrests

Most of the stress felt from sitting for long hours is usually in the back and neck. Therefore, when you’re buying a comfortable office chair ensure that it comes with adequate support for you back and neck.

Ensure that the backrest of the chair is high enough to support the entire length of your back and at least the base of your neck. Some chairs come with a built-in headrest while others are designed with removable headrests. A chair with a removable headrest can be good for taller users or users with neck problems.

3. Armrests

These form an integral part of any ergonomically designed office chair. Getting the most comfortble office chair with a good pair of armrests will help reduce fatigue to the shoulders and wrists. The designs of armrests vary from chair to chair. Some chairs come with armrests that can be adjusted upwards an even outwards to accommodate taller or heavyset users, while some come with a pair that is fixed.

Choose the type of armrest that best suits your needs. An adjustable armrest will be perfect if you plan to do a lot of typing or writing while on the chair. This will allow you to raise them to the level of your desk in order to reduce stress to your wrists or shoulders. A pair of firmly fixed armrests will be ideal for when you plan to use your office chair for other functions such as sitting in long board meetings or lounging during coffee breaks.

4. Convenience

Ensure that the chair you pick affords you the highest level of comfort possible. When you work for long hour on a comfortable office chair, your productivity is automatically increased. This is because one of the major causes of distractions in any office environment is discomfort. The most comfortable office chair will mean that you won’t have to take too many breaks to stretch your legs or back due to exhaustion.

Having to get up frequently just to adjust or readjust your chair to the place you want it, can be another source of distraction or frustration. Ensure that most, if not all of the features of the chair you pick, can be easily adjusted without you having to stand up. This ensures that your time behind your desk is spent well.

5. Mobility

Most comfortable office chair should allow you to move and turn it across the floor over reasonable distances without having to stand up to drag it. Make sure that the base of the office chair is fitted with a good, strong set of flexible casters that won’t get jammed up and scrape your floor or carpeting.

Ensure that when you roll it across the floor, it never loses balance. An office chair that will fall when slid across the floor is a safety hazard to the user and anyone around.

Most comfortable office chair with adequate mobility will allow the user to cover wide spaces in the office just by gently jerking a knee. You ideal office chair must also be able to recline to its lowest point without toppling over or breaking.

6. Material Used and Style

All the components of office chairs are designed and built from different materials depending on their targeted market or work environment. The common materials usually include fabric, leather, faux leather, nylon, foam, steel, aluminum, etc.

The materials used to built these chairs usually end up determining exactly who buys the product. Office chairs that are padded with foam tend to be quite bulky and are therefore ideal for customers who have the need for the extra padding and a considerable amount of space to spare at their workstations.

Chairs that bear a lean look and feel are ideal for when you need to conserve space at your place of work. Since such chairs are built with little or no padding, they tend to make excellent office furniture pieces in warm weather. Chairs with partial or total mesh padding allow for adequate breathing to the skin in order to reduce perspiration and increase comfort when in use.

7. Storage and Portability

These solely depend on how much space you have set aside, or are willing to spare for your new chair. While smaller, more compact chairs will save you a lot of space, it is important to note that not all of them will give you the same level of comfort that is present in larger bulkier office chairs.

When you pay for your most comfortable office chair, most manufacturers or retailers will deliver it right to your doorstep, but if you plan to regularly relocate your workspace in the future, then it would be a good idea to go for a light but still comfortable chair.

You can choose either a chair that is completely made out of mesh fabric, or one that combines mesh with foam to give you a balance of both in weight and appeal. A number of office chairs that are made completely out of foam tend to appear quite bulky. These can however, turn out to be surprisingly lighter than their actual appearance. It would therefore, be advisable to consider looking at the weights sections of the office chair you are looking to buy, in order to get its actual weight and dimensions before making any commitments.

8. Budget

Office chair manufacturers spend a lot of money in researching chair designs and building them. It therefore, is understood that the most comfortable office chair may cost a lot more than an average chair. However, due to the competition in the market today, many good quality, and comfortable chairs have been very competitively priced. This is usually the case when most manufacturers introduce a new product into the market.

It is advisable to spend a little extra money on a strong comfortable chair that will serve you for years as opposed to buying a cheaper, low quality chair that will need to be replaced after only a few months or years of service.

Where to Buy the Most Comfortable Office Chair ?

A couple of years ago all consumers had to shop for and buy all their office chairs physically from their local office furniture stores. The numerous technological advancements today allow us to shop and pay for our furniture over the internet. You will find all the three comfortable office chairs reviewed above, on Upon the completion of your order, the retailer will have your chair delivered to your doorstep in a couple of days.


The most comfortable office chair will prove its worth and quality in either a few months or years. Different chairs are designed to fulfill different requirements. They have a lot to offer when it comes to both cosmetic and functional purposes. While bigger office chairs will provide more support and comfort for taller users, smaller, compact ones will save the user more space and reduce congestions in the workspace. A bigger chair will give your office a touch of hierarchical authority, while a smaller, lean office chair will give your working space a touch of elegance and contemporary sophistication.

People of different sizes or builds have different preferences or comfort levels, so what may be ideal for one person may not necessarily be ideal for another one; hence the need for adjustability functions. A truly comfortable office chair should offer the user as many controls and functions as possible; this effectively allows him or her to adjust the seat around his or her body for maximum support and comfort.

The above review lists the three best and most comfortable office chairs from the customers’ point of view. Based on personal experience and reviews from customers all over the world, I can say with confidence that all the above chairs are easily worth more than twice what they are listed for. Therefore, if you are tired of constantly waking up every morning with a sore back and a stiff neck the first step, get online and order one while the low prices are still low.

Are you still looking for most comfortable office chair ?

If you are still looking for more information on the most comfortable office chair for you, then look at the list below of the top 10 brands of comfortable office chairs to help you make up your mind.

Top 10 Most Comfortable Office Chair Brands that’ll Make You Look Forward to work

The monotony of working in the same environment from January to January can be in itself quite draining and off putting. This is definitely made worse by dull or less-than-inviting décor. Many big companies use exiting décor and furniture to brighten their workplaces and raise their employee’s morale. No one can deny that there are very few things today that can rival an office that has been well furnished on a decent budget. This simple gesture can also make your employees look forward to coming to work every day.

1. Boss

Boss office chairs have been designed to afford the user a heavenly kind of comfort that is unrivaled by many brands. Boss office chairs come in a very long line of firm, stead, and beautifully built executive chairs that command respect from other brands.

These office chairs have been designed with a number of hand operated adjusters that give the user the ability to customize every aspect of the chair, by simply shifting a few levers around. Boss executive office chairs are installed with adjustable armrests to cater to the needs of users of different heights and builds. These seats come with pneumatic height adjusters that allow the user to either raise or lower the seat’s height in order to match the office desk.

These ergonomically designed pieces of magnificence are also equipped with a strong tilting or reclining mechanism. This comes in handy for short power naps in between shifts. The reclining function works together with the seat’s waterfall design to keep the feel flat on the ground to allow free blood flow to and from the feet.

2. Eurotech

This is a line of chairs that are designed with an assortment of adjustability features to set it apart from the rest. The quality of these office chairs alone, coupled with a number of adjustability features make these seats an excellent investment option that will pay for itself tenfold. These chairs are the perfect choice for an upgrade into something classy and worthy of someone of your work ethic.

A Eurotech chair is the most comfortable office chair that is designed to cater to the user’s health needs. This is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to avoid any back or neck pains. They come with a pneumatic height adjuster, a pair of adjustable armrests, and an adjustable backrest.

The seats tilting mechanism has been designed with a tilt-tension adjuster to allow you to match your needs. The Eurotech’s Series Mid-Back Black leather task chair allows for fluid, graceful movements that can only be matched by the most expensive and most comfortable office chair in the market today.

3. Global

The feathery designs of Global office chairs put a lot of focus on maintaining good back and neck health. Their designs make them a fit for anyone who needs to sit in front of a desk for long agonizing hours. These chairs have been beautifully crafted with some of the most advanced methods in office ergonomics, in order to make them your best option of improving your output and general productivity.

The Global line of office chairs bears all the variations that have been known to grace workplaces all over the world. These variations include the low back operator, the operator with height adjustments, the armless task chair, the task with height adjustments, the drafting chair, the task with height adjustments, and the multi-tilter.

4. Herman Miller

This classy line of comfortable office chairs bears a series of timeless designs that have, and will continue to grace the interiors of many offices for decades and decades to come. A good example of a classic and beautifully designed piece from Herman Miller is the Herman Miller’s Aeron. This chair has been built with the captivating and almost spiritually luring presence of the ocean wind. Just by looking at the Aeron or any other Herman Miller office chair, you can tell that it has been designed and built with an eco-friendly plan.

5. Office Star

Office Star offers an array of fairly priced but well-built office chairs. This is the perfect choice for any organization or big company looking to acquire good office chairs in bulk. In all practical aspects, these chairs offer the same kind of service and level of support that brands such as Aeron give. This line of office chairs also come with the benefits found in other more expensive brands. These include good back support, good balance, tilt, or reclining functions, and many others. These chairs feature a number of designs that have been made with mesh materials to allow for breathing. The Office Star chair is the most comfortable office chair that will not leave a huge gap in your wallet.

6. HON

This is a range of ergonomically designed office chairs that are in a class of their own. HON chairs are office products that are synonymous with some of the best and well-furnished workplaces today. Their ergonomic designs and innovativeness in some way sets the standards for other manufacturers in the industry. These are not just office chairs, but the lifestyle of successful individuals. Sitting in a chair that has been designed for the bosses goes a long way in motivating you or your employee. The HON Swivel chair has been built with a strong steel frame that not only ensures that you weight is firmly supported, but gives you great returns from your investment.

7. Alera

These ergonomically designed chairs are some of the top challengers of bigger, more expensive chairs in their class. These chairs offer everything that one would look for in a comfortable office chair at an affordable cost. Alera office chairs come with well-designed backrests for optimal lumbar support, tufted cushions, and strong pneumatic height adjusters. The 21-inch seat of the Alera makes it quite a good space efficient chair. The Alera chairs have been designed with a pair of padded, leather loop armrests.

8. Mayline

The Mayline range of office chairs come with a kind of classy beauty that cannot be rivaled by most brands. This line of office chairs does everything a standard ergonomically built office chair does and more. Despite the superb level of performance in these chairs, their prices seem to be set below their actual value. All the chairs under this brand are specifically designed to provide comfort for the user without breaking the bank. These pieces posses the kind of features that can transform the average workstation into something that looks similar to the boss’ office. Such a presence will definitely improve productivity in the workplace.

9. Safco

These comfortable office chairs are synonymous with all the positive reviews regarding good office chairs in the market today. Safco chairs are built with a simple, yet completely functional design. They give the user a wholesome sitting experience that includes good posture and an array of multifunctional adjusters. This line comprises of a number of office chairs in different dimensions, shapes, and designs. These marvelously designed chairs are guaranteed to give you a reason to get to work early every day. Safco seats feature the best-contoured backrests and generously padded seats in the market today. They are a good source of inspiration for improved productivity in the workplace.

10. Steelcase

These chairs’ stunning appearances are designed to make memories out of the users’ everyday experiences in the office. The Steelcase brand is a leader in the global office chair category, and this puts at their disposal everything they need to design some of the best ergonomically made office chairs in the market. Every product from Steelcase has an ergonomic centerpiece that is not easily attainable anywhere else. When these chairs are combined with a variety of multi-purpose Steelcase desks, they truly form a match made in heaven.

A good chair will go a long way in motivating anyone in the workplace, even the boss. A good and comfortable office chair can be linked either directly or indirectly to an improved level of performance and high productivity. Investing in a good office chair therefore is as good as investing in the employees themselves.

Thank you for reading our office chair reviews, Get the Most Comfortable Office Chair without splurging when you purchase online.