Titan TI 7700 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Review

With the high technology we have today, almost everything comes in handy. This is also true with physical therapy like massage. Among the notable inventions of today that are of great help to humanity are the massage chairs.

Massage chairs come in various designs and ranges. There are chairs that are specially made to focus merely on pinpointing areas of the body while there are likewise some chairs that are made for full body massage. Good examples are the Titan Ti-7700 and the Titan Ti-7800 with zero gravity massage chair.

Using a zero gravity massage chair is considered as among the various ways of getting a relaxing massage. With the several types of massage techniques featured by the zero gravity massage chairs, you can be able to choose a variety of massage depending on your preference.

Titan Ti-7700 Specifications And Dimensions

Massage Tracking21.65 inches
Angle of laying100- 158 degrees
Angle of footrest0 -147 degrees
Time setting5-30 minute automatic power off time
Upright position28.74 x 47.24 x 47.24 inches
Reclined position28.74 x 70.87 x 70.87 inches
Machine Weight181 lbs
Warranty3 year
Titan TI 7700 Massage Chair
Titan TI 7700 Massage Chair

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Why Choose This Massage Chair?

There are certainly various reasons why people want to own a massage chair. People who are into a lot of stress would want to own a massage chair as their way of relaxing and of relieving stress. Other people need to have one because they need it for their physical therapy treatment while others want to purchase one simply as a lifestyle statement.

Regardless of what your primary reasons why you want to own a massage chair, you will most probably end up considering some of the important key factors that will influence your purchasing decision- it would be the cost, the quality and the affectivity of the massage chair and the massage you can enjoy. But why should you really choose to own this Titan zero gravity massage chair?

The Titan zero gravity massage chair is the most recent released model of the Titan Chair technology. Unlike the previous models, this unit is now designed with an integrated zero gravity outer shoulder and positioning massage.

The remote control of the Titan zero gravity massage chair is very comfortable and easy to use. With a more improved remote control feature, you can easily navigate through the specific features of the massage chair with ease.

Buying the Titan zero gravity massage chair can be among the best purchasing decision you can ever make. It is less expensive if you will compare it with the traditional way of hands-on massage. Yes you will merely pay lower price when you call a massage therapist or visit the spa for a massage. However, if you will just sum up the amount you will be spending for the traditional massage, you will find out that it is in fact pricier. With the Titan zero gravity massage chair, you can enjoy as much massage as you want for a couple of years with just a small sum of money.

Titan TI 7700 Features

Zero Gravity Feature

The TI-7700 provides a very relaxing and rejuvenating zero gravity feature. It is the only model from the Titan Chair technology that offers such feature. With the zero gravity feature, legs can be positioned either above or at the heart level.

5 Preset Programs

The TI-7700 offers five pre-set programs that users can choose from- Relax, Stretch, Comfort, Healthcare and Air. The intensity level for the air massage, which can be activated using the pre-set programs, can be adjusted into 5 different range settings.

Easy To Operate Remote Control

The TI-7700 comes with the most recent remote control design from Titan Chair technology. Its updated feature is easier and more comfortable to use as compared to the past bulky remotes. This compact design also highlights a larger and an easier to view LCD display screen that is likewise jam-packed with added features.

6 Various Massage Styles

The TI-7700 is supported with 6 various massage styles. These are: Kneading, kneading and tapping, tapping, shiatsu, palm, punching.

Lower Lumbar Heat

The TI-7700 is designed with 2 in-built Lumbar heaters that are being placed at the backrest portion in order to deliver a more soothing heat effect in the lower back area.

Foot and Calf Massage

There is a total of 16 air bags added in the foot and calf regions. Each of the air bags is uniquely positioned in order to hit the essential muscular regions. The air bags function by inflating and deflating, thus creating a squeezing like motion. The intensity level for the massage can easily be adjusted according to your preference using the compact remote control.

Arm Massage

The TI-7700 comes with 4 air bags on each of the arm massager, a total of 8 air bags for both arms. Each of the air bags are meticulously positioned to areas where the pressure points in the forearms and wrists can be deeply stimulated. Like the foot and calf massage, the air bags for the arm massage also function by inflating and deflating to deliver a hand squeezing like movement.

Hip and Seat Vibration

There are also air bags added along the outer region of the hip area. The air bags compress inwards and then squeeze the high area. A vibration plate is also placed in the base of the seat to deliver a soothing vibration massage to both the thighs and back areas.

Outer Shoulder Massage

The outer shoulder areas are also provided with a squeezing and kneading massage. Both the left and the right sides along the outer edges are added with a set of air bags.


  • It is so handy and practical and it will never hurt your pocket considering the benefits it can provide.
  • It comes with added features that are not common to most massage chair. For instance, it features a more compact remote control, the latest model of its kind.
  • With the six different massage types and the five pre-set programs, you will surely have a variety of selections to choose from.
  • There are currently 4 shade choices to choose from- charcoal, black, cream and brown. With this, you have an option to pick the one that best suit your color preference.


The only disadvantage of the Titan no gravity massage chair according to most of the massage chair reviews is its weight. Although it weighs quite lighter than the other massage chairs, it can still be difficult to transfer from one place to another most especially if you are doing it alone yourself. With its 181 pounds net weight, it still weighs a bit heavy for a single person to carry.

Titan TI 7700 Zero Gravity Massage Chair
Titan TI 7700 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

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The Titan Ti-7700 is considered the best massage chair available in the international market today simply because of the benefits and the special features it provides. Not merely that it comes with updated features but also is offered at a much affordable price, making it a great shopping deal for people who are matching quality, affordability and practicality.