Best Wall Hugger Recliners [Comparison & Reviews] 2019

Yes, you guessed it right! Wall hugger recliners are just what they says they are recliners that hugs the wall. The advantage of having this kind of a recliner is its space-saving feature. So it’s ideal for a small home or an apartment, with its constraint of space. The wall hugger recliner can be placed ideally, in a way that it doesn’t damage the wall, while offering the advantage of comfortable reclining. It requires very little space from the wall to recline fully. So with the wall hugger, you can relax in a fully reclined position without taking up too much space. A good wall hugger recliner is designed to occupy very little floor space even in an upright position.

The functional mechanism of the wall hugger is somewhat different from ordinary recliners, which is what facilitates saving of space. A wall hugger operates with a gliding mechanism. As a result, the seat moves forward, instead of backwards, when the chair is in the reclining position.

Best Wall Hugger Recliner Reviews

So if you’re looking for a comfortable recliner to relax in, but are limited in your choice because of space constraint, a wall hugger recliner is your best bet. We’ve reviewed here a few of the top-grade wall hugger recliners for you to choose from.

1. ProLounger Wall Hugger Renu Leather Recliner Review

ProLounger Wall Hugger Renu Leather Recliner Review
ProLounger Wall Hugger Renu Leather Recliner Review

This wall hugger personifies supreme comfort while occupying the minimum of space. The softness of its leather ensures exceptional softness to your back, with the padded bottom part designed to extend excellent support to your legs.


  • Perfect space-saving feature; requires only 4” space against the wall in order to recline
  • Smooth and well-oiled reclining function which makes it easy to use
  • Made of durable and breathable Renu leather fabric (a mix of leather, polyurethane, polyester)
  • that exudes softness, with its coffee brown color lending it supreme elegance
  • Provides great support to your legs because of the padded portion between the chair and the leg rest
  • Arms rests are designed for absolute comfort due to their soft padding
  • Additional cushion comfort ensured with the high-density foam and polyester fiber it’s packed in
  • Equipped with `car door lever’ that’s easy to access and open
  • Pocket coil spring system works smoothly and is engineered to last
  • Durable and reliable on account of the insulated spring clips and steel reclining system
  • Eco-friendly design (using less fuel-based parts); design is also functionally very efficient


  • Not designed for tall, healthy people
  • Foot rest not high enough for your feet to reach it comfortably
  • Head rest too far back from the head and neck; you’d need a pillow or cushion to lean back
  • Tends to recline in only one direction, causing some discomfort
  • Leather quality is not too good; tends to wear off after some use
  • Padding is inadequate and not made for ultimate comfort
  • Lock doesn’t work properly when shifting from reclining to upright position

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This petite little wall hugger recline is ideal for theater and media rooms. It’s quite lightweight and easy to assemble. The ProLounger Wall Hugger Renu Leather Recliner will keep you comfortably ensconced in gentle comfort if you’re just the right height and weight to fit in well.

2. Fortune Bliss Leather Recliner Chairs Set Review

Fortune Bliss Leather Recliner Chairs Set Review
Fortune Bliss Leather Recliner Chairs Set Review

Blissful comfort is what you’ll get with the Fortune Bliss Leather Recliner Chairs Set. It comes as a set of two large overstuffed wall huggers, which are designed for ultra comfort and go well with virtually any living room décor. The contemporary, sleek design of the chairs makes it a great piece of furniture for all kinds of homes – big or small.


  • Ultimate comfort provided by the high quality Renu leather fabric the chairs are made of
  • Excellent leg support ensured with full chaise pad fitted strategically between seat and leg rest
  • Cushions are soft, yet durable; made of high-density foam and polyester fiber with a sturdy pocket coil sprint system to provide robust comfort
  • Solid and long-lasting; frame is made of hardwood while seating comes with a well-engineered spring mechanism
  • Reclining mechanism is made of steel, making the chairs extremely reliable
  • Design is eco-friendly and operational mechanism is created for efficiency
  • Well padded arm rests, with easy-to-operate handle for full reclining
  • Not too heavy; easy to assemble


  • Somewhat lightweight for a person who’s large and heavily built
  • Cushions tend to be a bit firm, especially for a soft back

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With the Fortune Bliss Leather Recliner Chairs Set, you get ultimate comfort, not just at home but also in the cinema theater or media room. These chairs are designed to provide a healthy relaxation to your body and mind, while saving on space.

3. CATNAPPER 64711426464 Peyton Power Wall Hugger Recliner Review

CATNAPPER 64711426464 Peyton Power Wall Hugger Recliner Review
CATNAPPER 64711426464 Peyton Power Wall Hugger Recliner Review

This brightly-colored wall hugger recliner is designed to bring a vibrant look and feel to your home, while ensuring total comfort for your body. The CATNAPPER 64711426464 Peyton Power Wall Hugger Recliner comes with the excellence legacy for which Jackson Furniture are known. Fashionable and stylish, this wall hugger recliner will make every experience with it a relaxing one.


  • Excellent power reclining which works at the simple push of a button
  • Solidly durable, with hardwood used at all stress points to make it long-lasting
  • Designer stuff to match your needs and style
  • Suitable for a variety of environments – from home theatre to formal living rooms
  • Good quality leather that’s breathable and made to last
  • Sturdy frame with memory foam and well-stitched fabric that’s not prone to staining


  • Though durable, leather starts peeling off after some use
  • Springs tend to push uncomfortably through the fabric
  • Handle not well screwed and can come off

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Large and comfortable, the CATNAPPER 64711426464 Peyton Power Wall Hugger Recliner is just the thing you need for a relaxing catnap in the afternoon. You can recline back comfortably in this recliner to enjoy your favorite TV show, without fear of your lovely wall getting scratched or damaged.

4. Catnapper Templeton Power Wall-Hugger Recliner Review

Catnapper Templeton Power Wall-Hugger Recliner Review
Catnapper Templeton Power Wall-Hugger Recliner Review

This wall hugger recliner from Catnapper comes with an excellent space-saving feature without compromising on comfort and quality. It’s crafted for robust longevity and you’ll see yourself relaxing happily in its softness for years to come. This affordably recliner boasts strength and durability packed in a range of comfort-led features.


  • Can go back to just an inch away from the wall, thus saving significantly on space
  • Made with luxurious valentine bonded leather that’s soft and durable
  • Solid construction, with frame made of hardwood
  • 12 gauge heat tempered springs hold the recliner firmly together, providing strength with comfort
  • Seating is comfort personified because of the pillow pad and soft seat cushion
  • Excellent support ensured as no splitting or warping steel seat box used in construction
  • Foam used is high resiliency, while back is made of blown fiber
  • Power recliner works efficiently and smoothly, without hassle


  • Lacking in finishing and final quality control checks
  • Nails not properly fixed
  • Not large enough for big people

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The Catnapper Templeton Power Wall-Hugger Recliner is excellent value for money. It provides the quality and comfort of high-end wall hugger recliners at much less a price. Though not suitable for large people, it’s ideal for average-sized persons. Operating the recliner is quite a hassle-free task, causing no excessive stress on your body. The solid construction of this recliner makes it a piece of furniture designed to last.


Given the space constraint in most modern houses, it’s good to go for a wall hugger recliner while looking for the relaxing comfort that reclining back can give you. As for which one to select, your own needs will help you decide on the one that’s ideal for you.

The ProLounger Wall Hugger Renu Leather Recliner is designed for comfort, not just for your back but also your legs. It’s your best choice if you’re looking for something affordable yet quality.

If you want to share your wall hugger recliner with your spouse or friend, you can go for the Fortune Bliss Leather Recliner Chairs Set. It comes in a set of two, and is ideal for enjoying a relaxing experience in the company of someone.

The CATNAPPER 64711426464 Peyton Power Wall Hugger Recliner epitomizes style with comfort, and is a good choice if you want something to enhance the décor of your home while ensuring functionality.

The Catnapper Templeton Power Wall-Hugger Recliner is another high-end designer wall-hugger recliner built for those who are choosy about what they bring home.