Best Zero Gravity Recliner [Comparison & Reviews] 2019

No, it’s not a gravity-defying reclining chair that will have you flying into space the moment you sit on it. And you’re not going to end up lighter (though you probably wish you would), simply by getting into a zero gravity recliner. And while a lot of massage parlors use such recliners, these chairs are not designed exclusively for that purpose.

So what exactly does a zero gravity recliner do? And how does it work? Actually it works by simulating the position in which astronauts take off into space. There’s a certain posture which helps astronauts better endure the increased stress of moving into space. Ok, you’re not taking off into space, but nevertheless there’s enough stress your body needs to cope with back here on the ground. The zero gravity recliner helps your body handle this stress, safely and smoothly. A zero gravity recliner facilitates better distribution of your body weight, to improve your sitting posture.

Best Zero Gravity Recliner Reviews

To help you with your ordeal of choosing the most suitable zero gravity recliner for yourself, I’ve created a list of the best ones you can find in 2019. Check it out below:

1. Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair Review

Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair
Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair

Relaxation is virtually built into every part of the Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair. This durable and portable reclining chair is designed to provide your body complete comfort, wherever you go. So whether you’re resting in the lounge of your home or just sunning yourself on the beach, this recliner from Caravan Canopy will give you what your body needs – that perfect posture which will soothe your physical, mental and emotional senses.


  • Double bungee system, supported by high grade textaline fabric, makes this a stable and durable chair
  • Solid and strong powder coated steel frame designed to last
  • Adjustable reclining function with dual finger lock that can be easily clicked into any convenient position
  • Built to provide quality and adjustable headrest and lumbar support; minimizes the pressure on your back while keeping your legs in a raised position


  • Requires body weight to maintain the recliner’s balance
  • Knees remain slightly bent in fully reclined position
  • Locking mechanism doesn’t work every well
  • Fabric material tends to stretch too tight in the steel frame
  • Arms rests are somewhat thin and not really designed for total comfort

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Designed to hold up to 300 pounds, with a folding width of just 6.3”, this light-weight but robust recliner provides excellent lumbar support to your body. A powerful combination of quality and comfort, the Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair is easy to carry and use just about anywhere – from a sporting event to the beach, or just the backyard of your house. The multiple locking mechanism of the chair provides total comfort to your body in various positions, which you can further adjust by simply sliding the padded pillow of the recliner along the frame.

2. Lafuma LFM3093-3862 Futura XL Zero Gravity Recliner Review

Lafuma LFM3093-3862 Futura XL Zero Gravity Recliner
Lafuma LFM3093-3862 Futura XL Zero Gravity Recliner

The high-end Lafuma LFM3093-3862 Futura XL Zero Gravity Recliner spells the highest levels of comfort and quality. Its strong and sturdy silver frame is the perfect foil for the lovely Ocean Iso Batyline fabric of which the recliner is made. Compact and portable, the recliner is built for easy transport and easier use.


  • Well-shaped composite, padded and fixed armrests with ergonomic design to provide excellent support to your body
  • Steel tube frame is also ergonomically shaped to provide stronger seat support
  • Designed for multiple positions; equipped with resistance levers to keep the chair in a desired position while enabling easy movement
  • Adjustable headrest can be removed as and when required, while footrest and foot pads are crafted for total protection to your feet
  • Patented clip system helps keep the seat firmly in place; also enable easy removal for cleaning of mattress
  • Fabric is stiff and not prone to sagging; it’s also resistant to rot, fading and temperature fluctuations
  • Easy to wash removable fabric helps keep the chair cleaner longer


  • Causes knees to bend uncomfortably while in fully reclining position
  • Frame can rust if used out in the open, especially the beach
  • Frame can bend on the sides on shifting of body weight in the chair
  • Fabric tends to tear away from the clips after some use

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It’s perfect for the deck or as a lounge chair to help you enjoy the pleasant weather outdoors. So whether you want to read a book out there in the sun or simply enjoy a pleasant breeze, the Lafuma LFM3093-3862 Futura XL Zero Gravity Recliner will hold you in good stead, quite literally. Whether you’re short or tall, it just the recliner you need if your knees have been playing up or you’re otherwise in need of relaxation. Definitely worth the price!

3. Camco 51832 Zero Gravity Wide Recliner Review

Camco 51832 Zero Gravity Wide Recliner
Camco 51832 Zero Gravity Wide Recliner

A good product can only get better. And that’s precisely what has happened with the extra large Camco 51832 Zero Gravity Wide Recliner. It was always comfortable and durable, but now it has become even more stylish and longer lasting. Perfect for customized comfort, this zero gravity recliner is made to deliver maximum relaxation to your body, whenever you need it and wherever you desire it.


  • Solid powder coated steel frame makes it a durable recliner, designed to last years
  • Adjustable, padded head rest can be worked to any position as required
  • Made of quality, two-tone pattern fabric that is protected from UV rays and is resistant to all weather conditions
  • Dual locking system secures the recliner firmly in the desired position


  • Hardware quality not good; metal bolts tend to break after few uses
  • Fabric stitching is quite flimsy and is prone to come off
  • Not really portable; difficult to carry around due to weight
  • Chair is quite bulky and occupies a lot of floor space
  • Lacking in flexibility; doesn’t recline as much as some other recliners do
  • Locking system is poor quality; chair doesn’t stay put in chosen reclining position

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Compact, it folds into a convenient 5” size despite being 4” wider than the original version of this recliner. So you can store and carry the Camco 51832 Zero Gravity Wide Recliner with complete ease and use it for ultimate comfort. The extra layer of fabric keeps the steel frame well hidden, thus giving the recliner a neat and attractive look.

4. Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Chair Review

Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Chairs
Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Chairs

From the yard to the beach, and from the lounge to the patio, you can carry these zero gravity recliner chairs (they come in a set of two) easily and comfortably without hassle. The flexibility of use is one of the best features of these recliners. These strong chairs are designed for more than comfort; they also provide total relaxation to the most tired of bodies.


  • Sturdy, powder coated steel frame is built to last
  • Mesh material is UV resistant and breathable
  • Headrest is adjustable and removable, with its excellent padding providing full comfort
  • Replaceable elastic cord makes these recliners flexible; they can be easily adjusted to fit your body’s size


  • Turn knob lock, which is fitted to prevent accidental changing of the position, doesn’t function well
  • Foot rest can’t be adjusted independently of the head rest; also can’t be raised to parallel position
  • Brakes hold well only as long as you sit more or less still and don’t shift your weight in the chair
  • Somewhat heavy and needs to be dragged around rather than be lifted comfortably

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Though not really lightweight, and despite some quality issues, the Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Chairs are quite good for the price they come for. The mesh material will ensure that your skin doesn’t break out in sweat on continued sitting.


Most zero gravity recliners come with a host of features designed to provide ultimate comfort to you, as is evident from these reviews. But each of these recliners has some special features to help you make a better choice.

So if you’re not too tall, the Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair is a good option at a reasonable price. You’ll love the comfort and relaxation this easy-to-maintain chair will give your body.

The Lafuma LFM3093-3862 Futura XL Zero Gravity Recliner is ergonomically designed for those who don’t mind paying a little extra for extra comfort. The chair is crafted to deliver complete protection to your body – from head to toe.

For those of you who love comfort with style, the Camco 51832 Zero Gravity Wide Recliner is just the thing for you. It may not be an ideal recliner to carry around (it’s somewhat heavier than the other chairs), but it’s definitely going to last you years.

As for the Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Chairs, they are the best in more ways than one. You can simply lose yourself in their ultimate comfort. The mesh material will keep you pleasantly cool, whether indoors or outdoors, whatever the weather and whatever the time of day.